I stuff my face with a variety of things — some I make, others I buy, all I stuff in my face.

Currently residing in the DC area, in Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia, to be exact, I spend most of my time either thinking about, reading about, planning about, dreaming about, talking about, obsessing about, and of course, stuffing my face with food.


  1. Bob · September 7, 2010

    I like your approach, but I’m behind the technology curve. I want that twitter list you’ve got there, so I can find the food trucks–primarily when I am downtown (I work near Archives). My cell phone is primitive, and I don’t want a series of messages on it, anyway, telling me where the trucks are. Is there some way to get that fed into my gmail, or gmail home page?

    • JE · September 7, 2010

      Bob – thanks for visiting – You can just visit the link in a browser, you won’t receive any direct messages on your phone unless you set it up that way. Or, you could probably do something like this — http://mashable.com/2010/02/12/facebook-twitter-buzz-gmail/ — to get it into your gmail.

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